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ProDry Hair Products, LLC is an innovative company, applying a unique market vision to deliver innovative, safe and effective hair care products. ProDry Hair Products, LLC has high standards to deliver our products to improve and replace old methods. These unique salon hair products continue to be the key to creating, frizz-free hair styles, maintaining beautiful and healthy hair extension. In addition, a robust sanitization platform is highly recommended for all salons.
ProDry Hair Products, LLC has all the industry patents and it is registered with trademark company. We are dedicated to research and development efforts in order to continually deliver pioneering high-end professional-use hair care products.
Alina Girod founder and President, has  a unique vision for the brand; to consistently devise new and creative brands that will continue to contribute to the growing beauty industry.
ProDry Hair Products, LLC began operation in U.S.,  and is located in Los Angeles, California. This is where educational support is provided, as well as a prompt and adequate delivery of  salon hair products to authorized distributors all over the U.S.
Our brand is proud to bring ideas to the U.S. market and Global exposure. With your inspiration, ProDry Hair Products will continue its mission to provide only the best quality salon equipment to meet the needs of our consumers and dedicated professionals.