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Follow these few simple steps for the best results when using the best hair diffuser and salon towel around:

ProDry® Disc

Clip the unwashed hair. After washing and conditioning hair extensions and/or wigs etc., let them drain for a few minutes in the sink, then attach it under a salon dryer with the Velcro while you are attending to your client’s needs. ProDry Disc® is flat easy to hang for overnight drying and has sturdy legs and can be placed on your tray. ProDry Styling Accessory® is an attachment that can be replaced with the clips and is a great tool to finish styling your hair extensions while they are placed securely on the Styling Accessory. If you’ve been looking for hair extension hair care products, look no further than the ProDry Disc®!

If you don’t have access to a salon hair dryer, you can use our ProDry Soft Hood Drying Bonnet that fits around the disc with an attachment to your hair dryer to have quicker dry times. ProDry Disc Brush Diffuser® is a platform to dry any size round brushes that have been washed and sanitized. All cosmetologists are instructed to wash brushes after each use before they are returned to their work stations. Our company is proud to have invented the fastest drying and sanitizing platform with sturdy legs for support in the market.

ProDry Towel®

ProDry Towel® has replaced the small salon towels that get wet get dirty and fall off your shoulders. Say goodbye to those useless salon towels once and for all!

Our amazing functional ProDry Towel® with a unique neck design and adjustable Velcro helps the towel to stay secure on the neck. No more picking up dirty towels off the floor and rewashing them.

The dual-sided performance towel is water repellent and safe for coloring procedures.

The water-repellent shampoo cape is amazing. Rest assured that your clients won’t get wet anymore!

ProDry hair products are patent pending. They save time and water and our concept will be a major benefit to your salon.


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